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WP3: Risk assessment of IDV in Human and control/mitigation measures to lower the risk

The zoonotic potential of IDV is still not completely clear, but serological and virological studies suggested that the virus might infect human. To date no risk assessment have been described on IDV in human or on the possible effect of control/mitigation measures on the crude estimated risk. In order to estimate the IDV human risk of airborne exposure in cattle farms (viral circulation), a quantitative risk assessment modelling (QRAM) will be performed and refined using field (WP1) and experimental (WP2) data. Based on scenarios analysis, the effect of medical (vaccination) and/or sanitary (biosecurity) mitigation measures will be evaluated through the QRAM.

The main WP3 objectives are to:

– assess zoonotic events per say based on experts’ elicitation of knowledge and literature data (risk pathway)

– develop a QRAM of IDV through inhalation of air by human in cattle farms (using output of WP1)

– use the experimental data generated in WP2 to refine the QRAM

– model the impact of vaccination protocols against a given pathogen (as determined in WP1/2) on IDV reduction load (exposure)

– model the impact of farm biosecurity mitigation measures (as per the questionnaire from WP1) on the risk of IDV in cattle and in human.